Power of stones

Which stone to associate with the obsidian?

Volcanic stone and obsidian are protective stones. For hundreds of years, its power has been used to speed healing. The depth of black symbolizes balance and stability. Discover its virtues and many protective benefits for the soul and body. Obsidian:…

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When can you require the virtues of opal stone?

Originally, the word opal means “precious stone”. According to the ancestors, this stone possessed extraordinary powers of divination and clairvoyance. For the Romans, it was a source of continence and hope. There are two main varieties of opal: noble opal…

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What are the beneficial effects of turquoise?

Originally, the turquoise stone was called “Ferozah” or “Firuze” meaning victorious according to the Persian inhabitants. This stone offers multiple positive effects and has a positive influence on the mental aspect. It has physical and psychic characteristics. It is also…

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What can a natural stone jewellery bring to people?

Natural stone jewellery is very fashionable. They are available in different colours and can be worn for all occasions. These jewels are particularly essential, they allow you to be fashionable and at the same time to benefit from its multiple…

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What does lithotherapy mean?

Amethyst, ruby, rose quartz, citrine, jade, turquoise… all of these stones are favored in the world of jewellery. Besides the fact that they embellish your neck, your ears or your hand, it can be beneficial for your health and your…

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