Which stone to associate with the obsidian?

Volcanic stone and obsidian are protective stones. For hundreds of years, its power has been used to speed healing. The depth of black symbolizes balance and stability. Discover its virtues and many protective benefits for the soul and body.

Obsidian: characteristics and virtues in lithotherapy

In lithotherapy, the obsidian stone is the one to be used with care because of its rather powerful properties, you may find it on www.minerals-kingdom.com. The obsidian is a very powerful protective stone which takes effect very quickly. It is ideal for fragile people and helps to protect them from negative energies. Wearing an obsidian pendant, for example, can give the person wearing it a protective shield. The obsidian stone from the psychological point of view in lithotherapy provides a very consistent energy that allows the user to find inner peace and calmness of the soul. Obsidian frees the mental plane to eliminate any notion of confusion and leave a total awakening to the inner mind and to the third eye. This stone is also known for its connection to the celestial world. Therapists place obsidian in your hands, along with the root chakra. It allows you to protect the mind from all instabilities. Obsidian also relieves many aches and pains, such as cramps and other articular pains. It also helps to fight the surrounding negative energies. If you put obsidian anywhere near your bed, it will also have the benefit of eliminating any possible mental tension .

Stones to associate with obsidian

Obsidian stones are just like humans. Some are meant to get along, some are not. It depends on the energy of each one. Benefits are enhanced by combining several compatible gemstones together. When worn with Rose Quartz, Obsidian offers an intense sense of well-being. It makes life seem more intense and less stressful. These two linked gems are powerful and protective, becoming a fortress against negative elements. Stones of the same colour have the same energy. Black obsidian and black tourmaline are a perfect match. They provide more energy to the body and give the brain powerful organizational abilities. It provides a clearer mind and a sense of direction.

How to use obsidian stone

Obsidian stone can be used in different ways: - As a massage stone, to relieve body pains. - As an elixir for external use and to treat dermatological problems. - Negative emotions that you may have buried deep within you can be released with the help of obsidian meditation.  Your action of releasing your world of inner shadows will facilitate a faster and more powerful healing process. - Place it in a strategic corner of a room, whether it's the bedroom, living room or office, so that it will bring its benefits. You can wear it on a piece of jewellery, such as a necklace, a ring or a bracelet, for a better absorption of its energy. It can also accompany you anywhere in your bag or pocket for protection.
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