When can you require the virtues of opal stone?

Originally, the word opal means "precious stone". According to the ancestors, this stone possessed extraordinary powers of divination and clairvoyance. For the Romans, it was a source of continence and hope. There are two main varieties of opal: noble opal and white opal. This stone has many virtues. This is why it is highly valued by jewellers to make beautiful jewellery.

The virtues of the opal stone on the physical level

On the physical level, the opal stone is widely used to ensure the treatment of circulatory and renal diseases. It will promote, in fact, the circulation of liquids in the body, hence its ability to improve the blood circulation. It would be also recommended in case of digestive problems. This exceptional stone have antiseptic properties recognized for the fight against the various infections. In other words, opal can relieve or eliminate infections and help to reduce gastric reflux. It is also effective to regulate the kidneys and the bladder. It helps to activate, for example, the proliferation of blood cells in the presence of leukaemia. For people with allergies, wearing opal as bracelets or necklaces is a good way to combat food intolerances. However, in order to choose among the different types of this stone, it is necessary to ask for some advice from a professional in the field of lithotherapy. For more information, click here.

Characteristics of the opal stone regarding the psychic aspect

On the psychic level, the opal stone removes emotional excesses and negativity to install mental balance and fullness helping to overcome various obstacles. It helps some people to manage their emotions in case of difficult situations at work or with the people around them. It also allows to stimulate the reflection and to encourage creativity and uniqueness. To get rid of negative vibes, you just have to place this stone in the room to purify the mind.

Other benefits of the opal stone

As there are different varieties of opal, each type of stone has diverse virtues. For example, coffee opal diffuses body energies. Green opal protects the organs between the small intestine and the diaphragm. For the guinea fowl opal, this stone is ideal to promote arterial and cerebral blood circulation. For example, in case of heavy legs or varicose veins, it is sufficient to wear this stone as jewelry to benefit from its unique virtues. In order for the stone to be always effective, it must always be purified.  
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