Is there a link between pleasure and being healthy?

Some people still appear young and healthy. However, they do not do any special treatment. What if pleasure was one of the factors of this well-being? Many studies have shown the link between pleasure and good health. Here are some…

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Which activities boost daily creativity?

Some people are more creative than others, but everyone has a little bit of creativity deep inside. Different activities can then boost this ounce of creative spirit, depending on the type of person. How to be less creative? Boosting creativity…

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Meditation: a powerful ally against stress and anxiety

Meditation is an ancient practice, whose origins date back to ancient times. Although it has been gradually replaced by conventional medicine, it still continues to prove its results until now. Indeed, the virtues of meditation are numerous, both on the…

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Laughter therapy: what does it consists of ?

When was the last time someone laughed so hard? If her last giggle wasn’t yesterday at the latest, then maybe it’s time to relax a bit! Nothing is more effective than a good therapy by laughing to find the joy…

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What are the advantages of reaching out to a life coach?

Everyone’s wish is to lead a peaceful life. From time to time, however, problems can arise and disrupt our overall lifestyle. In this kind of situation, turning to family or friends can be of great help. Likewise, more and more…

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