What does lithotherapy mean?

Amethyst, ruby, rose quartz, citrine, jade, turquoise... all of these stones are favored in the world of jewellery. Besides the fact that they embellish your neck, your ears or your hand, it can be beneficial for your health and your well-being. In lithotherapy, these stones are rich in therapeutic virtues and emit beneficial vibrations on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. In order to find the right stones for you, it is recommended to consult a specialist in the field.

What is the meaning of the word lithotherapy?

The word lithotherapy is the association of two words lithos and therapeia. It is a therapeutic method of treating certain emotional and physical ailments through the use of stones and crystals. This method of holistic care has existed for a long time in certain ancient civilizations such as in ancient Egypt, African culture, Amerindian cultures and the Chinese tradition. Lithotherapy consists of using the energy of stones to heal certain imbalances. Nowadays, natural stone jewellery is very popular. You can find them in online stores like minerals-kingdom.co.uk.

What are the benefits of natural stones?

Lithotherapy uses stones to cure people. Each stone has its own specific virtues according to its specific energy. By wearing these stones, you benefit from their multiple virtues such as revitalizing, regenerating, invigorating, calming... Below are some examples of stones with their properties. The amethyst is used to balance the lack and the excesses. Rose quartz helps you to find the energy of love after a disappointment or a break-up. Carnelian develops self-confidence. Blue calcite helps you deal with stress. Citrine gives energy, strength and optimism. Jade brings calmness, relaxation, courage and inner peace. Emerald strengthens the immune system...

Where to find natural stone jewellery?

There are different ways to benefit from the multiple virtues of natural stones. The stones can be used as interior decorations. In this case, they can have several forms such as the tiny balls on the sets of solitaire, the shape of egg ... In addition, the natural stone jewellery are very accessible thanks to the specialists in the field. Just a few clicks to discover all possible styles. The models come in different types depending on the choice of stones, colours, size ... You can for example find a wide choice at the specialized websites.
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