What are the beneficial effects of turquoise?

Originally, the turquoise stone was called "Ferozah" or "Firuze" meaning victorious according to the Persian inhabitants. This stone offers multiple positive effects and has a positive influence on the mental aspect. It has physical and psychic characteristics. It is also a stone used for lithotherapy. For this reason it is very popular for making jewelry such as: pendant, bracelet, earring, necklace, etc.. It has a real potential.

The virtues of turquoise stone against physical ailments

The turquoise stone has healing properties on the physical level. In lithotherapy, it harmonizes the energies and the body that surround it. When worn as a bracelet, it strengthens the organs and particularly the liver. The blood becomes more fluid, and excesses are eliminated more easily. In this sense, it also helps to decrease the cholesterol level in the body. It accompanies the body in its regeneration. Its various energies allow ligaments and tendons to recover more quickly from any injury. By increasing the irrigation of the tissues, this exceptional stone leads to an efficient and fast healing. The turquoise stone is a good ally to relieve migraines. You just have to place it on your forehead for a few minutes to make the pain disappear. To know more about the various virtues of this stone, please visit minerals-kingdom.co.uk

Virtues of the turquoise stone on the psychological and psychic level

The turquoise stone was considered a sacred stone according to the Amerindians, because it has the power to eliminate negative vibrations by transforming them into positive energy. This stone also promotes symbiosis with the cosmos. The true value of turquoise comes from the mind and heart of the person using it. It can absorb all negativity occurring within the brain and body if worn as a pendant. For depressed people, it is sufficient to wear this stone as a necklace or bracelet to benefit from its miraculous virtues. Indeed, it gives back strength and cheerfulness in order to face difficult situations.

Other properties of the turquoise stone

In accordance with its intense blue color, the turquoise stone operates with the throat chakra. It strengthens creativity and ensures a good connection with others. For example, for people who find it difficult to communicate with those around them, the choice of turquoise jewelry is a good way to remove the various communication obstacles. It is also a source of vitality for the body.
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