Laughter therapy: what does it consists of ?

When was the last time someone laughed so hard? If her last giggle wasn't yesterday at the latest, then maybe it's time to relax a bit! Nothing is more effective than a good therapy by laughing to find the joy of living, far from the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

Laughter therapy, what is it ?

In general, young children are always happy because they laugh hundreds of times a day, and for no reason. Indeed, laughter is a good way to reduce muscle tension and oxygenate the body. Unfortunately, these giggles decrease drastically once in adulthood, with only about ten laughs per day, at most. Also called "rigology," laughter therapy refers to a body of body-based emotional education methods used to stimulate positivity, creativity, and zest for life. Children and adults, individuals and businesses, laughter is for everyone. In order to find a more joyful and serene life, there are benefits of laughter through the practice of simple group exercises, followed by a trained iridologist.

How does laughter therapy works?

A good laugh causes jerky breathing which in turn activates the diaphragm and causes a massage of the ribs, intestines and stomach. All this mechanism makes it possible to free the lungs and to unclutter the bronchi. This improves breathing, and activates the circulation of blood which oxygenates the heart. A laughter therapy session isn't about playing the best jokes and jokes of the century. Rather, it is a 1.5 hour session divided into a series of yoga games and exercises. Using these practices, group members work to release their emotions and stress, and learn to relax in order to laugh naturally..

What are the virtues of laughter therapy on health ?

It's no secret that people with a strong sense of humor are less prone to stressful situations. They see life on the bright side and have better self-esteem. Indeed, the release of endorphins through laughter is a formidable weapon against anxiety and stress. It also helps build immunity. Laughing several times a day improves not only the health, but also the quality of life of an individual. Laughter has beneficial effects on morale, sleep, the immune system, and blood pressure, among others.
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