Is there a link between pleasure and being healthy?

Some people still appear young and healthy. However, they do not do any special treatment. What if pleasure was one of the factors of this well-being? Many studies have shown the link between pleasure and good health. Here are some examples of its benefits on the body.

Reduce depression

Today, more and more people are affected by depression and mental illness. This phenomenon is mainly caused by the lack of fulfillment in the life of the individual. He then loses all esteem and interest in everyday life, which further accentuates the degree of depression. To fight it, it is not only necessary to undergo medical treatment. Above all, you need to take back control of your life, release stress and have fun. But you cannot achieve this goal if you do not feel any pleasure in life. Indeed, there is a real link between pleasure and good health. It brings unchanging well-being. It provides joy, serenity and happiness. And besides, you can see how happy people are less prone to depression, since they get the most out of their lives. They live every day with a good attitude and good energy. In short, to avoid falling into depression, you need to let go from time to time.

Heart diseases prevention

Cardiovascular disease is one of the pathologies that kills the most people. While in most cases they are caused by factors such as tobacco use, inheritance or obesity, lack of pleasure also has an impact on these. Indeed, when we are unhappy, we tend to let go of our body: we move little, we eat poorly and we follow a bad habit of life. People in distress also tend to use tobacco or drugs to forget their sorrows. However, the latter cause dysfunction of blood circulation, the primary cause of heart disease. To prevent this, you need to be active a lot, have a good diet and a healthy lifestyle. All this is only effective when you have the pleasure of living.

Rejuvenate the skin

The link between pleasure and good health is not just mental or medical. It also impacts the physical body. A person with the joy of living always looks young and radiant. The reason is that while having fun, the body releases a feel-good hormone. This hormone will help eliminate all the toxins present on the body (spots, acne, wrinkles, fat, etc.). It also acts on the fluctuation of the weight. Some people gain weight easily when they are stressed and anxious. The pleasure will therefore help them find better physical shape and a more rejuvenated body.
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