Sexuality and contraception : guide online

When used correctly, contraceptive methods are effective in preventing unintentional pregnancies. They are especially useful for young people who are still exploring the world of sexuality and contraception. There are many ways to protect yourself. You are strongly advised to take the time to learn more in order to determine the solution that best suits your needs and your lifestyle.

Main advantages of contraception

young people are particularly exposed to pregnancy problems. As contraceptive sexuality stipulates, thoughtfulness helps prevent pregnancy until the body is fully capable of supporting pregnancy. This solution can also prevent pregnancy in the elderly. Thus, the use of contraceptives reduces the need for abortion by preventing unintended pregnancies. It therefore reduces cases of unsafe abortion, one of the leading causes of maternal death worldwide. Contraception is effective for successful family planning - that is, planning when to have children and how many to have children. It involves choosing when to start as a parent, when to childbirth, and when to stop giving birth. Delaying or spacing babies allows women and men to pursue educational and career goals that can be interrupted by having children. Contraceptives empower people and increase their ability to earn more. With fewer children, families can also invest more time in each child.

The choice of contraception : which one is right for you ?

There are several types of contraception that can prevent an unplanned pregnancy. They differ from each other in terms of duration and mode of use. It would be wise to choose the contraception that suits your lifestyle. The first factor to take into account is your availability to repeat the contraceptive method. In case you are willing to use the method every time you have sex or less frequently, it is better to opt for short-term contraception. These could be condoms, pills, or injections. The risk lies in the possibility of pregnancy occurring if the measurement was not taken at the agreed time. If you are using the pill or injection and you are satisfied with these methods, you can see your GP for repeat supplies. It is more convenient than going to the clinics. The second important point is when you want to get pregnant. Long-acting, reversible contraception is only recommended if you plan to give birth after many years or never. It offers a certain comfort given its long duration and reliability. If you want to have it changed or taken out, it is important that you do not have sex or use an additional method of contraception 7 days before your procedure, otherwise you run the risk of an unplanned pregnancy. It would be preferable to contact your general practitioner to organize the assembly.

Contraception and sexuality : good informations to know

You can start contraception at any time during your cycle, but if you have unprotected sex and are at risk of becoming pregnant, you may not be able to have the type of contraception you chose at that time. Only condoms can protect you against sexually transmitted infections. If you have not used protection or think you are pregnant, it is a good idea to start using emergency contraception. In today's age, sexuality and contraception go hand in hand. To make contraception accessible to everyone, most of these solutions are available from any general practitioner. If you prefer, you can go to a clinic. A nurse or doctor will tell you about your options and help you decide what is right for you.

emergency contraceptions and their modalities

If you've had sex without contraception, or think your method may have failed, there are different types of emergency contraception you can use. The intrauterine device (IUD) is the most effective option yet. It can be installed up to five days after sex, or up to five days after you ovulate. It prevents fertilization or implantation of a fertilized egg against the uterine wall. In second place is the emergency contraceptive pill (or morning after pill) with the ingredient ulipristal acetate. It is effective as long as it is absorbed five days after intercourse. There is also the emergency contraceptive pill with the hormone levonorgestrel. It can be taken three days after intercourse. The earlier it is ingested, the better it is effective. These pills are available from pharmacies. They are also the most likely to stop or delay ovulation, so to speak, the release of an egg. They also have the effect of stopping the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus..
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